Kidney Pain and Alcohol


Kidney pain is one of the most common health problems that affect many people in the world. It can be caused by several factors, like kidney stone, arteriosclerosis, kidney infection, urinary tract infection (UTI), polycystic kidney, or kidney cancer. Of these, kidney stone is the most common culprit of the stabbing pain in the kidney tissue. But there is also another element that may contribute to kidney pain, and that is, alcohol. Although not often seen as a major cause of kidney problem as much as it is on the liver, alcohol can remarkably cause pain to the kidneys, too, such as renal pain.

Alcohol drinking is not bad, per se. In fact, it can be an enjoyable form of socializing with friends, or a comfortable way of passing time alone. However, when drinking becomes habitual and excessive, it can compromise the performance of one’s kidneys and could cost a lot on the person’s health. Kidneys that are considerably tainted with alcohol can potentially alter the metabolic reactions.

In addition, alcohol drastically accelerates the production of urine. Studies even show that within twenty minutes of consumption, alcohol can induce urination, forcing the kidneys to produce more excretion than normal. This consequently affects the renal pelvis, even as it drives the drinker to urinate more often. Moreover, the loss in urinary fluid causes the concentration of electrolytes in blood serum to shoot up. If and when the drinker fails to replenish the fluid he discharges, there is a high risk for him to get dehydrated.

Besides, alcohol disturbs the anti-diuretic hormone, or ADH, that consequently causes pain in the kidney area; increases blood pressure, which is common among kidney sufferers, and; triggers the possibility of getting obese, where the fats may clog the arteries that will eventually develop into serious kidney problems. Likewise, alcoholic beverage consumption leads to the development of kidney stone and kidney infection, the two primary causes of renal pain. It can even foment the possibility of kidney failure by repressing the kidneys from maintaining a balance of minerals and body fluids, and blocking their filtering ability.

The kidneys play very important roles in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Basically, they are responsible in regulating the amount and structure of fluid and electrolytes; removing toxic wastes and water from the blood; dispensing hormones; controlling blood pressure, and; balancing chemical levels and facilitating the production of red blood cells.  In order for the kidneys to flush out toxic wastes from the cells, they need ample quantity of water; lack of which may result in kidney problems.

In the case of too much alcohol consumption, the kidneys are forced to work harder to detoxify all the fluid in alcohol beverages.  When over-worked, the kidneys could be in pain, which is usually felt at the lower back of the body.

Kidney pain, however, can be controlled and prevented effectively through medication and by observing a healthy lifestyle. It is also very important to eliminate or practice moderation on alcoholic beverage consumption while increasing the intake of good quality water.

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