Home Remedies for Kidney Stones


Although most often, kidney stones are only about 4 millimeters small, they can grow bigger enough to cause an individual to rush to emergency rooms for medical care that may sometimes require surgery or shock wave treatment.

But such case should be the last resort. There are actually a number of natural home remedies that a kidney stone sufferer can avail of, to prevent, treat, or remove kidney stones from his system.

Water is the most basic and very important element to effectively flush out toxins, including kidney stones, out of the body.  Make it a habit to drink at least two liters of water or more every day.

Adding some nettle leaves into one’s drinking water can also significantly enhance the abilities of the fluid in preventing and/or removing stones by acting as natural diuretics.  These leaves are known to promote urination.

A glass of fruit juice such as orange everyday can also help prevent formation of stones. Likewise regular doses of coconut water, especially young coconut which contains clear that helps dissolve them.  Or, you may even try taking soups made out of a pomegranates (1 cup) mixed with horse gram (2 cups).

At the first sign of stone pain, you drink two ounces of lemon juice mixed with olive oil followed with a large glass of water.

The extract of boiled figs is also found to be an effective treatment for kidney stone problem.

Another source of effective stone treatment is the kidney beans. You remove the bean from its pod.  Then boil around 50 grams of the pods which have been chopped into four liters of water and let it sit for six hours, and allow it to cool. Take a glass of this soup every two hours during first day, and more glasses multiple times for week.

Bran flakes are fibers that can aid in getting rid of calcium and oxalate from your urine, and reduce the potential risk of kidney stones. A serving of bran flakes can provide you with eight milligrams of fiber.

Whole-wheat bread is another natural home remedy for kidney stones.  It consists of a large amount of the mineral magnesium, which is famous for preventing kidney stones. A research even discovered that people who received an adequate amount of magnesium ended their suffering from renal stones completely.

In addition, since salt intake is proven to have a high correlation with kidney stones, doctors advise a regulated consumption of sodium to not more than two grams per day.

Some people have proven that taking onion juice effectively helped them pass their stones. Their advice is to cook two pieces of average-sized onions over medium heat, let them cool for a while, blend them, and then strain its juice.  This should be done daily over several days.

Moreover, carrots can provide two times your daily requirement of the Vitamin A nutrient, which is needed for the overall health of the urinary tract.

Vitamin B6 is found to significantly lower the amount of oxalate in the blood; meaning, it cuts the potential risk of stone formation. A good source of this vitamin is a three-ounce serving of chicken.  Likewise, magnesium has been proven to help prevent kidney stones.

Although calcium is one of the major builders of kidney stones, research reveals that not having enough of this mineral can actually escalate the potential risk of acquiring kidney stones.  Hence, it is recommended that a kidney-stone stricken individual should drink between 1,000 and 1,200 milligrams or an equivalent of three glasses of milk a day.

Furthermore, doctors suggest that you trap your kidney stones when urinating by using a mesh strainer. This way they will be able to analyze the composition or content of your kidney stones so that they may know what caused its formation, and consequently give you appropriate treatment.

Two-liter bottle urine. A person with no kidney stone problem should be urinating at least an equivalent of two-liter bottle every day. Therefore, doctors advice that if you suspect of being high risk of kidney stones should measure your urine output.

These are but few of the many home remedies that kidney stone sufferers can avail of.  There is actually no shortage of it at home. n

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  1. jimmy jack says:

    The causes of renal calculi may be the result of not drinking enough water or too much calcium in foods. The kidneys are the organs that cleanse the blood of toxins and other wastes from the body. When not taking enough water, the kidneys do not have liquid that helps suficiento have lunch either. Certain foods are considered to prevent kidney stones, such as those with large amounts of sugar, salt or animal protein. For some patients, the combination of coffee and kidney stones do not cause problems, however this should be discussed with our doctors.

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